Soil Microbiology

Soil Microbiology

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Robert L. Tate III
Edition: 2nd Edition edition, 02/02/2000
EAN 9780471317913, ISBN10: 0471317918

Hardcover, 536 pages, 23.9 x 16 x 3.6 cm

Extensively revised, accessible, and up-to-date-the new edition of Tate's classic soil microbiology text Now in its second edition, Soil Microbiology offers students a broad knowledge of the behavior and function of microbes in soil-all the essentials they will need in order to address the long-term stewardship of the earth's soil resources. Designed for use as the core text for microbiology courses in the soil science curriculum, it explores the tremendous diversity of life found in soil ecosystems. With its amplified focus on the reclamation of contaminated and damaged soils, greenhouse gas production, and the sustainability of soil ecosystems, this book is an ideal resource for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, as well as a useful reference for professionals in soil and environmental science. Soil Microbiology, Second Edition features: A focus on new advances as well as environmental science aspects of soil microbiology Completely new chapters on the biological diversity of soil ecosystems, soil remediation, and soil systems management A strong emphasis on research in real-world settings as well as theoretical concerns