Soil Physics

Soil Physics

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T. J. Marshall, J. W. Holmes, C. W. Rose
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 3, 7/18/1996
EAN 9780521451512, ISBN10: 0521451515

Hardcover, 472 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 3 cm
Language: English

Now in its third edition, this textbook gives a comprehensive account of soil physics with emphasis on field applications for students and research workers engaged in water resources studies, and soil and plant sciences. Chapters on soil erosion and conservation, and the role of soil in affecting water quality have been added to this new edition. The book gives an account of how water influences the structure and strength of soil; how plants absorb water from soils; how water from rain or irrigation enters the soil and flows through it to contribute to stream flow or to flow in artificial drains; how soluble salts or chemical pollutants are transported; how soils are eroded by water and wind; and how the evaporation rate from the land surface is influenced by soil water supply, the nature of the plant cover and the evaporative power of the atmosphere. This book will be useful to students and research workers in environmental sciences, hydrology, agriculture, soil science, and civil engineering.

1. Composition of soil
2. Interaction of soil and water
3. Measurement of water content and potential
4. Principles of water movement in soil
5. Distribution of water in soil
6. Groundwater in soils and aquifers
7. The use of isotopes and other tracers in soil water and groundwater
8. Soil structure
9. Deformation of soil
10. Management of soil water
11. Soil erosion and conservation
12. Chemical transport in soil
13. The physical environment of roots
14. Plants and soil water