South Korea since 1980 (The World Since 1980)

South Korea since 1980 (The World Since 1980)

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Terence Roehrig Uk Heo
Cambridge University Press, 8/26/2010
EAN 9780521761161, ISBN10: 0521761166

Hardcover, 226 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.6 cm
Language: English

This book examines the changes in politics, economics, society, and foreign policy in South Korea since 1980. Starting with a brief description of its history leading up to 1980, this book deals with South Korea's transition to democracy, the stunning economic development achieved since the 1960s, the 1997 financial crisis, and the economic reforms that followed and concludes with the North Korean nuclear crisis and foreign relations with regional powers. The theoretical framework of this book addresses how democratization affected all of these dimensions of South Korea. For instance, democratization allowed for the more frequent alternation of political elites from conservative to liberal and back to conservative. These elites initiated different policies for dealing with North Korea and held different views on South Korea's role in its alliance with the United States. Consequently, ideological divides in South Korean politics became more stark and the political process more combative.

1. Politics, economics, and foreign relations before 1980
2. From dictatorship to democracy
3. Democratic consolidation and social change
4. Economic development and financial crisis
5. Economic reform and the KORUS Free Trade Agreement
6. Inter-Korean relations and the North Korean nuclear crisis
7. The South Korea-US alliance
8. South Korea and the regional powers.