Space and Time Scale Variability and Interdependencies in Hydrological Processes (International Hydrology Series)

Space and Time Scale Variability and Interdependencies in Hydrological Processes (International Hydrology Series)

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Reinder Feddes
Cambridge University Press
Edition: New Ed, 3/26/2010
EAN 9780521022934, ISBN10: 0521022932

Paperback, 196 pages, 29.6 x 20.7 x 1 cm
Language: English

This book presents the integrated contributions of hydrologists, meteorologists and ecologists to the first IHP/IAHS George Kovacs Colloquium in connection with the study of global hydrology and climate change. The atmospherical, hydrological and terrestrial components of the Earth's systems operate on different time and space scales. Resolving these scaling incongruities, as well as understanding and modelling the complex interaction of land surface processes at the different scales, represent a major challenge for hydrologists, ecologists and meteorological scientists alike. This book deals with time and space scale variations with reference to several topics including: soil water balance; ecosystems and interaction of flow systems; and macroscale hydrological modelling. This book will be of great use to researchers, engineers and forecasters with an interest in space and time scale variability.

1. Opening address of the first George Kovacs Colloquium U. Shamir
2. Heterogeneity and scaling land-atmospheric water and energy fluxes in climate systems E. F. Wood
3. Scale problems in surface fluxes J. C. I . Dooge
4. Remote sensing - inverse modelling approach to determine large scale effective soil hydraulic properties in soil-vegetation-atmospheric systems R. A. Feddes
5. The importance of landscape position in scaling SVAT-models to catchment scale hydro-ecological prediction T. J. Hatton, W. R. Dawes and R. A. Vertessy
6. The influence of subgrid-scale spatial variability on precipitation and soil moisture in an atmospheric GCM D. Entekhabi
7. Modelling the hydrological response to a large scale land use change A. Henderson-Sellers, K. McGuffie and T. B. Durbidge
8. An approach to represent mesoscale (subgrid-scale) fluxes in GCMs demonstrated with simulations of local deforestation in Amazonia R. Avissar and F. Chen
9. A hierarchical approach to the connection of global hydrological and atmospheric models G. W. Kite, E. D. Soulis and N. Kouwen
10. Stochastic downscaling of GCM-output results using atmospheric circulation patterns A. Bárdossy
11. Dependencies of spatial variability in fluvial ecosystems on the temporal hydrological variability H. P. Nachtnebel
12. Problems and progress in macroscale hydrological modelling A. Becker
13. Predictability of the atmosphere and climate
towards a dynamical view C. Nicolis
14. From scalar cascades to lie cascades
joint multifractal analysis of rain and cloud processes D. Schertzer and S. Lovejoy
15. Fractals et multifractals appliqués a l'étude de la variabilité temporelle des précipitations P. Hubert.

'... the book will be of great use to researchers with an interest in space and time scale variability. It will also be useful to those involved with climate modelling.' J. Nemec, Hydrological Sciences Journal 'This book should make a useful contribution towards bringing hydrology and meteorology closer together, giving hydrologists and meteorologists insight into the methods and philosophy of each other's subjects.' John H. C. Gash, International Journal of Climatology