Species Conservation: Lessons from Islands (Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation)

Species Conservation: Lessons from Islands (Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation)

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Cambridge University Press, 6/28/2018
EAN 9780521899390, ISBN10: 0521899397

Hardcover, 396 pages, 23.6 x 15.5 x 2.3 cm
Language: English
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This book brings together leading conservation practitioners to reflect on their response to the current global biodiversity crisis, through the lens of island species recovery and management. Initial chapters cover the biological understanding of small population biology and the growing threat of invasive species, while subsequent chapters discuss the management of these threats and the complexity of leading projects within a dynamic and still relatively unknown system. Multiple case studies from islands worldwide illustrate key points, allowing readers to draw on the first-hand practical experience of experienced professionals. This resource will be invaluable to both current and future conservation professionals, helping them to go beyond disciplinary 'comfort zones' and develop, manage and lead projects over extensive timeframes in a way that brings others with them on the journey.

1. Species conservation
lessons from islands Jamieson A. Copsey and Simon A. Black
2. Evolution on islands
peculiarities and implications for species conservation Jim J. Groombridge, Steven Green and Samuel Turvey
3. Island populations
genetic factors driving declines Jim J. Groombridge, Claire Raisin and Patricia Brekke
4. Threats to islands
invasive species and their impacts Alan Tye, Gillian Key and Jamieson A. Copsey
5. Documenting change on islands
measuring and diagnosing species decline Richard Young, Jamieson A. Copsey and Samuel Turvey
6. Conservation project organisation
planning for recovery Simon A. Black
7. Managing island threats
eradication and sustained control of invasive species John Parkes
8. Leading species recovery
influencing effective conservation Simon A. Black
9. Conserving island species
journey to recovery Carl G. Jones, Nik Cole, Stefano Canessa, Aliénor Chauvenet, Deborah Fogell and John Ewen
10. Restoring island ecosystems
managing the recovery process Carl G. Jones and Jamieson A. Copsey
11. Engaging island communities
social marketing and behaviour change Paul Butler, Jamieson A. Copsey and Charlie Gardner
12. Island species conservation
what are we trying to achieve and how do we get there? Simon A. Black and Jamieson A. Copsey.