Spirituality and Psychiatry

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Chris Cook, Andrew Sims, Andrew Powell
RCPsych Publications, 6/1/2009
EAN 9781904671718, ISBN10: 1904671713

Paperback, 318 pages, 23.3 x 15.7 x 1.9 cm
Language: English

Spirituality is a crucial but sometimes overlooked aspect of mental well-being and psychiatric care. This book explores the nature of spirituality, its relationship to religion, and the reasons for its importance in clinical practice. In this evidence-based text, the authors discuss the prevention and management of illness, as well as the maintenance of recovery. Different chapters focus on the key subspecialties of psychiatry, including psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychiatry, intellectual disability psychiatry, substance misuse psychiatry and old age psychiatry. It contains references to up-to-date research and provides a comprehensive review of the relevant academic literature. The book is, at least in part, a response to the questions posed by researchers, service users and clinicians, concerning the importance of spirituality in mental healthcare. Contributors include psychiatrists, psychotherapists, mental healthcare chaplains and a social worker. They discuss aspects of experience often omitted from psychiatry and present both clinician and service user perspectives. The book will be of wide interest to psychiatrists, psychiatry trainees and all mental health professionals.

1. Spirituality in psychiatry Andrew Sims and Christopher C. H. Cook
2. Assessing spiritual needs Larry Culliford and Sarah Eagger
3. Psychosis Susan Mitchell and Glenn Roberts
4. Suicide Cherrie Coghlan and Imran Ali
5. Child and adolescent psychiatry Mike Shooter
6. Psychotherapy Andrew Powell and Christopher MacKenna
7. Intellectual disability Oyepeju Raji
8. Substance misuse Christopher C. H. Cook
9. Neuroscience of the spirit Peter Fenwick
10. Spiritual care in the NHS Sarah Eagger, Peter Richmond and Peter Gilbert
11. The transpersonal perspective Tim Read and Nicki Crowley
12. Religion and religious experiences Mohamed Omar Salem and John Foskett
13. Pathological spirituality Nicki Crowley and Gillie Jenkinson
14. Ageing Robert M. Lawrence and Julia H. Head.