Steps in Scala: An Introduction to Object-Functional Programming

Steps in Scala: An Introduction to Object-Functional Programming

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Christos K. K. Loverdos, Apostolos Syropoulos
Cambridge University Press, 9/23/2010
EAN 9780521762175, ISBN10: 0521762170

Hardcover, 504 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 3 cm
Language: English

Scala is a highly expressive, concise and scalable language. It is also the most prominent method of the new and exciting methodology known as object-functional programming. In this book, the authors show how Scala grows to the needs of the programmer, whether professional or hobbyist. They teach Scala with a step-by-step approach and explain how to exploit the full power of the industry-proven JVM technology. Readers can then dive into specially chosen design challenges and implementation problems, inspired by the trials of real-world software engineering. It also helps readers to embrace the power of static typing and automatic type inference. In addition, the book shows how to use the dual-object and functional-oriented natures combined at Scala's core, and so write code that is less 'boilerplate', giving a genuine increase in productivity.

1. Introduction
2. Core features
3. Advanced features
4. Parser builders
5. XML processing
6. GUI programming
7. Concurrent programming
8. On paths and a bit of algebraic abstractions
9. Virtual files coming into existence
10. Compositional file matching
11. Searching, iterating, traversing
12. The expression problem
13. A computer algebra system
Appendix A. Multimedia processing
Appendix B. Distributing a Scala application along with Scala itself
Appendix C. Working with the compiler and the interpreter
Appendix D. Scala's grammar
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