Sustaining High Growth in India

Sustaining High Growth in India

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Cambridge University Press, 11/8/2017
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Hardcover, 554 pages, 24 x 17 x 3.9 cm
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The growth rate of the Indian economy has plummeted sharply from 9 per cent in 2010 to below 5 per cent over 2012−14. It is essential to sustain a growth rate of 8 per cent or more over the next 20 years to eliminate poverty and reach a decent standard of living. There is an urgent need for research on the challenges facing India in reviving and sustaining high rates of economic growth, some of which are related to industrial policy, trade policy, infrastructure bottlenecks, inflation and macroeconomic issues, governance issues, demography and human capital. There is also a need for better industrial and human resource policies, higher investment and savings rates, higher exports and foreign investment inflows. This book studies the importance of growth, the role of industrial policy in sustaining it, and other critical issues regarding ways to revive and sustain higher growth in India across various sectors of the economy.

Preface Pravakar Sahoo
Introduction Pradeep Agrawal
Part I. Ensuring Macroeconomic Stability for Sustaining High Growth Rates
1. Propagation mechanisms of inflation in India
an empirical investigation Ashima Goyal
2. Managing food price inflation in India
demand projections and supply considerations Pradeep Agrawal
Part II. Promoting Industrial Development for Sustaining High Growth Rates
3. Economic complexity as a determinant of industrialization of countries
the case of India Emanuele Pugliese, Guido L. Chiarotti, Andrea Zaccaria and Luciano Pietronero
4. China's manufacturing success
lessons for India Pravakar Sahoo and Abhirup Bhunia
5. Sustaining India's manufacturing sector growth in the face of increasing competition from Chinese imports Bishwanath Goldar and Yashobanta Parida
Part III. The International Economic Issues and Sustaining High Growth
6. Global recession and Eurozone debt crisis
impact on exports of India and China Pami Dua and Divya Tuteja
7. Changing global trade regime and emergence of mega FTAs
strategy for India's external sector sustainability Geethanjali Natraj, Abhirup Bhunia and Garima Sahdev
8. Economic impact of foreign capital inflows in emerging Asia Pradeep Agrawal and Durairaj Kumarasamy
9. FDI outflows from the BRIC countries
impact on domestic capital formation Nandita Dasgupta
Part IV. Infrastructure Bottlenecks to Sustaining High Growth
10. Infrastructure, human capital and growth
a quantitative analysis for India Pradeep Agrawal
11. Elementary education in India
a study of accessibility and quality Indrajit Bairagya and Radhika Saraf
12. Education and economic growth – a comparative study of China and India Lakshmi K. Raut
Part V. Some Socio–Political Issues in Sustaining High Growth
13. Demographic dividend and economic growth in India William Joe, Atish Kumar Dash and Pradeep Agrawal
14. Social cohesion and uncertainties in economic growth
a pre- and post-reform analysis of India Tapas Mishra, Sushanta Mallick, Mamata Parhi and Prashant Gupta
15. Does openness and democracy reduce corruption
results for South Asian nations and India Rukmani Gounder and Shrabani Saha
16. Regional dynamics of rural credit and growth in India
exploring nonlinearity and convergence in growth patterns Sushanta Mallick, Banikanta Mishra and Tapas Mishra.