Technological Medicine: The Changing World of Doctors and Patients

Technological Medicine: The Changing World of Doctors and Patients

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Stanley Joel Reiser
Cambridge University Press, 8/24/2009
EAN 9780521835695, ISBN10: 0521835690

Hardcover, 246 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2.2 cm
Language: English

Advances in medicine have brought us the stethoscope, artificial kidneys, and computerized health records. They have also changed the doctor-patient relationship. This book explores how the technologies of medicine are created and how we respond to the problems and successes of their use. Stanley Joel Reiser, MD, walks us through the ways medical innovations exert their influence by discussing a number of selected technologies, including the X-ray, ultrasound, and respirator. Reiser creates a new understanding of thinking about how health care is practiced in the United States and thereby suggests new methods to effectively meet the challenges of living with technological medicine. As healthcare reform continues to be an intensely debated topic in America, Technological Medicine shows us the pros and cons of applying technological solutions health and illness.

1. Revealing the body's whispers
how the stethoscope transformed medicine
2. Enigmatic pictures
how patients and doctors encountered the X-ray
3. Life-saving but unaffordable
the improbable journey of the artificial kidney
4. Promising rescue, preventing release
the double edge of the artificial respirator
5. The quest to unify health care through the patient record
6. Putting technologies on trial
from bloodletting to antibiotics to the Oregon initiative
7. Amid the technological triumphs of disease prevention - where is health?
8. The technological transformation of birth
9. Governing the empire of machines.