Technology and Isolation

Technology and Isolation

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Clive Lawson
Cambridge University Press, 3/30/2017
EAN 9781107180833, ISBN10: 110718083X

Hardcover, 252 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.4 cm
Language: English

By reconsidering the theme of isolation in the philosophy of technology, and by drawing upon recent developments in social ontology, Lawson provides an account of technology that will be of interest and value to those working in a variety of different fields. Technology and Isolation includes chapters on the philosophy, history, sociology and economics of technology, and contributes to such diverse topics as the historical emergence of the term 'technology', the sociality of technology, the role of technology in social acceleration, the relationship between Marx and Heidegger, and the relationship between technology and those with autism. The central contribution of the book is to provide a new ontology of technology. In so doing, Lawson argues that much of the distinct character of technology can be explained or understood in terms of the dynamic that emerges from technology's peculiar constitutional mix of isolatable and non-isolatable components.

1. Technology questions
2. Technology - from obscurity to keyword
3. Ontology and isolation
4. Science and technology
5. The sociality of artefacts
6. Technological artefacts
7. Technology and the extension of human capabilities
8. Technology and instrumentalisation
9. Technology and autism
10. Technology, recombination and speed
11. Marx, Heidegger and technological neutrality.