The Ama-Xosa: Life And Customs (Cambridge Library Collection - Anthropology)

The Ama-Xosa: Life And Customs (Cambridge Library Collection - Anthropology)

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John Henderson Soga
Cambridge University Press, 2/4/2014
EAN 9781108066846, ISBN10: 1108066844

Paperback, 508 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 3.2 cm
Language: English

Son of Tiyo Soga, the first black South African to be ordained, John Henderson Soga (1860–1941) was a Xhosa minister and scholar. Like his father, he was one of the first of his people to be educated in Europe and to marry a European woman. His perspective on his people's history and culture is therefore distinctive. Conscious of the effects of modernity on Xhosa traditions, he published this work of social anthropology in 1932 to record their way of life as distinct from other tribal communities in South Africa. Soga traces the historical development of their clan system and laws, while offering uniquely informed insights into their beliefs and practices, such as the function of witch doctors and the customs of circumcision, lobola or 'bride price', and polygamy. The South-Eastern Bantu (1930), Soga's earlier survey of three branches of the Bantu family, is also reissued in this series.

Part I. Historical
1. Historical
2. Composition of a tribe
3. Xosa law
4. War
5. Physical and other characteristics
6. Kreli
Part II. Sociological
7. Life and customs
8. Sacrifice
9. Beliefs
10. Charms
11. Marriage customs
12. Circumcision
13. Lobola
14. Mother and infant
15. Children's games
16. Old age
17. Proverbs and metaphors
18. Taboos
19. Sport
20. Economic life
21. The seasons