The Archaeology of Colonialism: Intimate Encounters and Sexual Effects

The Archaeology of Colonialism: Intimate Encounters and Sexual Effects

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Cambridge University Press, 10/31/2011
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Paperback, 368 pages, 25.3 x 21.5 x 1.9 cm
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This volume examines human sexuality as an intrinsic element in the interpretation of complex colonial societies. While archaeological studies of the historic past have explored the dynamics of European colonialism, such work has largely ignored broader issues of sexuality, embodiment, commemoration, reproduction and sensuality. Recently, however, scholars have begun to recognize these issues as essential components of colonization and imperialism. This book explores a variety of case studies, revealing the multifaceted intersections of colonialism and sexuality. Incorporating work that ranges from Phoenician diasporic communities of the eighth century to Britain's nineteenth-century Australian penal colonies to the contemporary Maroon community of Brazil, this volume changes the way we understand the relationship between sexuality and colonial history.

1. Intimate encounters
an archaeology of sexualities within colonial worlds Eleanor Conlin Casella and Barbara L. Voss
2. Sexual effects
postcolonial and queer perspectives on the archaeology of sexuality and empire Barbara L. Voss
Part I. Pleasures and Prohibitions
3. Little bastard felons
childhood, affect, and labour in the penal colonies of nineteenth-century Australia Eleanor Conlin Casella
4. The currency of intimacy
transformations of the domestic sphere on the late nineteenth-century diamond fields Lindsay Weiss
5. 'A concubine is still a slave'
sexual relations and Omani colonial identities in nineteenth-century East Africa Sarah K. Croucher
6. The politics of reproduction
rituals and sex in Punic Eivissa Mireia López-Bertran
Part II. Engaged Bodies
7. Fear, desire, and material strategies in colonial Louisiana Diana DiPaolo Loren
8. Death and sex
procreation in the wake of fatal epidemics within indigenous communities Kathleen L. Hull
9. Effects of empire
gendered transformations on the Orinoco frontier Kay Tarble de Scaramelli
10. In-between people in colonial Honduras
reworking sexualities at Ticamaya Russell N. Sheptak, Kira Blaisdell-Sloan and Rosemary A. Joyce
11. The scale of the intimate
imperial policies and sexual practices in San Francisco Barbara L. Voss
Part III. Commemorations
12. Life and death in ancient colonies
domesticity, material culture, and sexual politics in the western Phoenician world, 8th–6th century BC Ana Delgado and Meritxell Ferrer
13. Reading gladiators' epitaphs and rethinking violence and masculinity in the Roman Empire Renata S. Garraffoni
14. Monuments and sexual politics in New England Indian country Patricia E. Rubertone
15. Gender relations in a Maroon community, Palmares, Brazil Pedro Paulo A. Funari and Aline Vieira de Carvalho
Part IV. Showing and Telling
16. Sexualizing space
the colonial leer and the genealogy of Storyville Shannon Lee Dawdy
17. Showing, telling, looking
intimate encounters in the making of South African archaeology Nick Shepherd
18. Obstinate things Mary Weismantel
19. Conclusion
sexuality and materiality
the challenge of method Martin Hall.