The Archaeology of Lydia, from Gyges to Alexander

The Archaeology of Lydia, from Gyges to Alexander

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Christopher H Roosevelt
Cambridge University Press, 10/30/2014
EAN 9781107629837, ISBN10: 1107629837

Paperback, 334 pages, 25.3 x 17.7 x 1.5 cm
Language: English

In The Archaeology of Lydia, from Gyges to Alexander, Christopher Roosevelt provides the first overview of the regional archaeology of Lydia in western Turkey, including much previously unpublished evidence as well as a fresh synthesis of the archaeology of Sardis, the ancient capital of the region. Combining data from regional surveys, stylistic analyses of artefacts in local museums, ancient texts, and environmental studies, he presents a new perspective on the archaeology of this area. Roosevelt situates the archaeological evidence within frameworks established by evidence for ancient geography, environmental conditions, and resource availability and exploitation to assess the importance of Lydian landscapes under Lydian and Achaemenid rule. This book considers the significance of evidence of settlement and burial at Sardis and beyond for understanding Lydian society as a whole and the continuity of cultural traditions across the transition from Lydian to Achaemenid hegemony.

1. Introduction
2. The cultural and historical framework
3. Lydian geography and environment
4. Settlement and society at Sardis
5. Settlement and society in central and greater Lydia
6. Burial and society
7. Conclusions
continuity and change at Sardis and beyond.