The Battle against Anarchist Terrorism: An International History, 1878–1934

The Battle against Anarchist Terrorism: An International History, 1878–1934

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Richard Bach Jensen
Cambridge University Press, 12/5/2013
EAN 9781107034051, ISBN10: 1107034051

Hardcover, 430 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 3.3 cm
Language: English

This is the first global history of the secret diplomatic and police campaign that was waged against anarchist terrorism from 1878 to the 1920s. Anarchist terrorism was at that time the dominant form of terrorism and for many continued to be synonymous with terrorism as late as the 1930s. Ranging from Europe and the Americas to the Middle East and Asia, Richard Bach Jensen explores how anarchist terrorism emerged as a global phenomenon during the first great era of economic and social globalization at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries and reveals why some nations were so much more successful in combating this new threat than others. He shows how the challenge of dealing with this new form of terrorism led to the fundamental modernization of policing in many countries and also discusses its impact on criminology and international law.

1. The origins of anarchist terrorism
2. Conspiracies, panics, agent provocateurs, mass journalism, and globalization
3. International action against subversives
4. The terrorist '90s and increasing police cooperation
5. The first International Conference on Terrorism
Rome 1898
6. 1900
three assassination attempts and the Russo-German Anti-Anarchist Initiative
7. The murder of President McKinley, 1901
8. The St Petersburg Protocol, 1901–4
9. Multilateral anti-anarchist efforts after 1904
10. The decline of anarchist terrorism, 1900–30s