The Cambridge Ancient History

The Cambridge Ancient History

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: 3, 12/2/1970
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Hardcover, 780 pages, 23.8 x 15.8 x 4.9 cm
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The present volume begins with an account of what is known about the remotest geological ages and comprises chapters on the different kinds of evidence concerning man and his physical environment up to the end of the Predynastic Period in Egypt and the parallel stages of development in Mesopotamia, Persia, Anatolia, Palestine, Cyprus, Greece and the Islands. To trace the history of these very early times it is necessary to rely chiefly on material remains, since writing had not then been invented. The text offers a setting against which the cultural progress of the historical epoch can be viewed. Archaeological investigation may be expected to bring to light more evidence to fill some of the present gaps in our knowledge, but already it is clear that the gulf between historical and prehistorical times in much of the ancient world is narrower than was once supposed.

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1. The geological ages D. L. Linton, and F. Moseley
2. Physical conditions in eastern europe, western asia and egypt before the period of agricultural and urban settlement K. W. Butzer
3a. Primitive man in egypt, western asia and eurpoe in palaeolithic times Dorothy A. E. Garrod
3b. In mesolithic times J. G. D. Clark
4. The evidence of language W. F. Albright and T. O. Lambdin
5. The earliest populations of man in europe, western asia and northern Africa D. R. Hughes and D. R. Brothwell
6. Chronology I. Egypt - to the end of the twentieth dynasty William C. Hayes
II. Ancient Western Asia M. B. Rowton
III. The aegean bronze age Frank H. Stubbings
7. (a) The earliest settlements in western asia from the ninth to the end of the fifth millennium BC (b) Anatolia before 4000 BC J. Mellaart
8. The development of cities from al - 'ubaid to the end of uruk 5' Max E. L. Mallowan
9. (a) Predynastic egypt Elise J. Baumgartel (b) Palestine during the neolithic and chalcolithic periods R. de vaux, O. P. (c) Cyprus in the neolithic and chalcolithic periods H. W. Catling
10. The stone age in the aegean S. S. Weinberg
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