The Cambridge Ancient History

The Cambridge Ancient History

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: 3, 5/3/1973
EAN 9780521082303, ISBN10: 0521082307

Hardcover, 885 pages, 23.1 x 15.8 x 5.5 cm
Language: English

Volumes I and II of The Cambridge Ancient History have had to be entirely rewritten as a result of the very considerable additions to knowledge which have accrued in the past forty-five years. For the same reason it has also been necessary to increase the size of the volumes and to divide each of them into two separately published parts. The individual chapters have already appeared as fascicles, but without maps, indexes and chronological tables which, for practical reasons, have been reserved for these volumes. Some additions and corrections have also been made in order to bring the text, as far as possible, up to date. Together the new volumes provide a history of Egypt and the Ancient Orient (including Greece and the Aegean region) down to 1000 BC in a form suitable for both specialist and student. Volume II, Part I, deals with the history of the region from about 1800 to 1380 BC. This was the era of Hammurabi in Western Asia, the Hyksos and warrior-kings of the Eighteenth Dynasty in Egypt, and the Minoan and early Mycenaean civilizations in Crete and mainland Greece.

1. Northern Mesopotamia and Syria J. R. Kupper
2. Egypt
from the death of Ammenemes III to Seqenenre II William C. Hayes
3. Palestine in the Middle Bronze Age Kathleen M. Keyton
4. Greece and the Aegean Islands in the Middles Bronze Age John L. Caskey
5. The maturity of Minoan civilization F. Matz
6. Cyprus in the Middle Bronze Age H. W. Catling
7. Hammurabi and the end of his dynasty C. J. Gadd
8. Anatolia c. 1750–1600 BC O. R. Gurney
9. Persia c. 1800–1550 BC O. Walther Hinz
10. Egypt
from the expulsion of the Hyksos to Amenophis I T. G. H. James
11. Egypt
internal affairs from Tuthmosis I to the death of Amenophis III William C. Hayes
12. Syria c. 1550–1400 BC Margaret S. Drower
13. Palestine in the time of the eighteenth dynasty Kathleen M. Keyton
14. The Zenith of Minoan civilization F. Matz
15. The linear scripts S. Dow and J. Chadwick
16. The rise of Mycenaean civilization Frank H. Stubbings
17. Anatolia C. 1660–1380 BC O. R. Gursey
18. Troy VI Carl W. Blegen
19. The archaeological evidence of the Second Millennium BC on the Persian Plateau Robert H. Dyson.