The Cambridge Ancient History, Vol. 5: The Fifth Century BC

The Cambridge Ancient History, Vol. 5: The Fifth Century BC

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 3/26/1992
EAN 9780521233477, ISBN10: 052123347X

Hardcover, 620 pages, 30 x 17.7 x 6.2 cm
Language: English

The fifth century BC was not only the first Classic age of European civilisation. It was the first and last period before the Romans in which great political and military power was located in the same place as cultural importance. This volume therefore is more narrowly focused geographically than its predecessors and successors, and hardly strays beyond Greece. Athens is at the centre of the picture, both politically and culturally, but events and achievements elsewhere are assessed as carefully as the nature of our sources allows. Two series of narrative chapters, one on the growth of the Athenian empire and the development of Athenian democracy, the other on the Peloponnesian War which brought them down, are divided by a series of studies in which the artistic and literary achievements of the fifth century are described. This new edition has been completely replanned and rewritten in order to reflect the advances in scholarship and changes in perspective which have been taking place in the sixty years since the publication of its predecessor.

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1. Sources, chronology, method D. M. Lewis
2. Greece after the Persian Wars J. K. Davies
3. The Delian League to 449 BC P. J. Rhodes
4. The Athenian revolution P. J. Rhodes
5. Mainland Greece, 479–451 BC D. M. Lewis
6. The thirty years' peace D. M. Lewis
7. Sicily, 478–431 BC D. Asheri
8. Greek culture, religion and society in the fifth-century BC a. Art
archaic to classical J. J. Pollitt
b. Classical cities and sanctuaries R. E. Wycherley
c. Rebuilding in Athens and Attica R. E. Wycherley
d. Panhellenic cults and panhellenic poets N. J. Richardson
e. Athenian cults and festivals Walter Burkert
f. Athenian religion and literature B. M. W. Knox
g. Society and economy J. K. Davies
h. Athens as a cultural centre
M. Ostwald
9. The Archidamian War D. M. Lewis
10. The Peace of Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition A. Andrews
11. The Spartan resurgence A. Andrews