The Cambridge Companion to American Methodism (Cambridge Companions to Religion)

The Cambridge Companion to American Methodism (Cambridge Companions to Religion)

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Cambridge University Press, 10/7/2013
EAN 9781107008342, ISBN10: 1107008344

Hardcover, 405 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2.9 cm
Language: English

A product of trans-Atlantic revivalism and awakening, Methodism initially took root in America in the eighteenth century. In the mid-nineteenth century, Methodism exploded to become the largest religious body in the United States and the quintessential form of American religion. This Cambridge Companion offers a general, comprehensive introduction to various forms of American Methodism, including the African-American, German Evangelical Pietist, holiness and Methodist Episcopal traditions. Written from various disciplinary perspectives, including history, literature, theology and religious studies, this volume explores the beliefs and practices around which the lives of American Methodist churches have revolved, as well as the many ways in which Methodism has both adapted to and shaped American culture. This volume will be an invaluable resource to scholars and students alike, including those who are exploring American Methodism for the first time.

Part I. The Making and Remaking of American Methodism
1. American Methodism
a theological tradition Jason E. Vickers
2. Early American Methodism Russell E. Richey
3. American Methodism in the nineteenth century
expansion and fragmentation Douglas Strong
4. American Methodism in the twentieth century
reform, redefinition and renewal Wendy J. Deichmann
Part II. The Religious Culture of American Methodism
5. Revivalism and preaching Michael K. Turner
6. Sacraments and life cycle rituals Karen B. Westerfield Tucker
7. Discipline and polity Douglas M. Koskela
8. Clergy E. Brooks Holifield
9. Laity Jennifer Woodruff Tait
10. Asceticism Maura Jane Farrelly
11. Healing Candy Gunther Brown
12. Spiritual biography and autobiography Ted C. Campbell
13. Education Stan Ingersol
Part III. Methodists and American Society
14. Methodists and race Morris Davis
15. African American Methodists and the civil rights movement Dennis Dickerson
16. American Methodist women
roles and contributions Laceye Warner
17. Methodists and war Andrew Wood
18. Methodists and popular culture Christopher Anderson.