The Cambridge Companion to Christian Doctrine (Cambridge Companions to Religion)

The Cambridge Companion to Christian Doctrine (Cambridge Companions to Religion)

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Colin E. Gunton
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 1st Edition, 6/19/1997
EAN 9780521476959, ISBN10: 052147695X

Paperback, 328 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1.7 cm
Language: English

What is Christian doctrine? The fourteen specially commissioned essays in this book serve to give an answer to many aspects of that question. Written by leading theologians from America and Britain, the essays place doctrine in its setting - what it has been historically, and how it relates to other forms of culture - and outline central features of its content. They attempt to answer questions such as 'what has, and does, Christian doctrine teach about God, the creation, the human condition and human behaviour?' and 'what is the part played in Christian doctrine by the Trinity, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit?' New readers will find this an accessible and stimulating introduction to the main themes of Christian doctrine, while advanced students will find a useful summary of recent developments which demonstrates the variety, coherence and intellectual vitality of contemporary Christian thought.

Notes on contributors
Part I. Christian Doctrine in the Late Twentieth Century
the Historical and Intellectual Context
1. Historical and systematic theology Colin Gunton
2. On doctrine and ethics Stanley Hauerwas
3. The basis and authority of doctrine Gerard Loughlin
4. The scope of hermeneutics Francis Watson
5. Christ and the cultures
the Jewish people and Christian theology Bruce Marshall
6. Christ and the cultures
Christianity and the arts Jeremy Begbie
Part II. The Content of Christian Doctrine
7. The triune God Ralph Del Colle
8. The doctrine of creation Colin Gunton
9. Human being, individual and social Kevin Vanhoozer
10. Redemption and fall Trevor Hart
11. The church and the sacraments Robert W. Jenson
12. Eschatology David Fergusson
13. Jesus Christ Kathryn Tanner
The Holy Spirit Geoffrey Wainwright