The Cambridge Companion to Modern Chinese Culture (Cambridge Companions to Culture)

The Cambridge Companion to Modern Chinese Culture (Cambridge Companions to Culture)

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Cambridge University Press, 6/5/2008
EAN 9780521681902, ISBN10: 0521681901

Paperback, 424 pages, 22.6 x 15 x 2.8 cm
Language: English

At the start of the twenty-first century, China is poised to become a major global power. Understanding its culture is more important than ever before for western audiences, but for many, China remains a mysterious and exotic country. This Companion explains key aspects of modern Chinese culture without assuming prior knowledge of China or the Chinese language. The volume acknowledges the interconnected nature of the different cultural forms, from 'high culture' such as literature, religion and philosophy to more popular issues such as sport, cinema, performance and the internet. Each chapter is written by a world expert in the field. Invaluable for students of Chinese studies, this book includes a glossary of key terms, a chronology and a guide to further reading. For the interested reader or traveler, it reveals a dynamic, diverse and fascinating culture, many aspects of which are now elucidated in English for the first time.

1. Defining modern Chinese culture Kam Louie
2. Social and political developments
the making of the twentieth-century Chinese state Peter Zarrow
3. Historical consciousness and national identity Prasenjit Duara
4. Gender in modern Chinese culture Harriet Evans
5. Ethnicity and Chinese identity
ethnographic insight and political positioning William Jankowiak
6. Flag, flame and embers
diaspora cultures Wang Gungwu
7. Modernizing Confucianism and 'new Confucianism' Tan Sor-hoon
8. Socialism in China
a historical overview Arif Dirlik
9. Chinese religious traditions from 1900–2005
an overview Daniel Overmeyer
10. Languages in a modernizing China Chen Ping
11. The revolutionary tradition in modern Chinese literature Charles Laughlin
12. The involutionary tradition in modern Chinese literature Michel Hockx
13. Music and performing arts
tradition, reform and political and social relevance Colin Mackerras
14. Revolutions in vision
Chinese art and the experience of modernity David Clarke
15. Cinema
from foreign import to global brand Chris Berry
16. Media boom and cyber culture
television and the internet in China Liu Kang
17. Physical culture, sports and the Olympics Susan Brownell
Glossary of Chinese characters