The Cambridge Companion to Oakeshott (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)

The Cambridge Companion to Oakeshott (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)

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Efraim Podoksik
Cambridge University Press, 6/7/2012
EAN 9780521147927, ISBN10: 0521147921

Paperback, 386 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2.2 cm
Language: English

Michael Oakeshott (1901–1990) was one of the leading British philosophers of the twentieth century. He has been influential particularly as a political philosopher, but his work reflects a range of philosophical interests that have more gradually come to be appreciated. In this volume a broad group of scholars offers a comprehensive overview of Oakeshott's philosophy, including his moral and political philosophy, his philosophy of history, science and aesthetics, and his views on the role of education. They analyse Oakeshott's ideas in different intellectual contexts and assess his overall contribution to twentieth-century thought. Accessible and rich with new scholarly material, this volume will be an excellent guide for students and scholars alike.

Introduction Efraim Podoksik
Part I. Oakeshott's Philosophy
1. Oakeshott as philosopher James Alexander
2. Worlds of experience
history Luke O'Sullivan
3. Worlds of experience
science Byron Kaldis
4. Worlds of experience
aesthetics Elizabeth Corey
5. Education as conversation Kevin Williams
Part II. Oakeshott on Morality, Society and Politics
6. Practical life and the critique of rationalism Steven Smith
7. Oakeshott's ideological politics
conservative or liberal? Andrew Gamble
8. Rhetoric and political language Terry Nardin
9. Oakeshott's On Human Conduct Paige Digeser and Richard Flathman
10. Oakeshott's political theory
recapitulation and criticisms Williams A. Galston
Part III. Oakeshott and Others
11. Oakeshott in the context of British Idealism David Boucher
12. Oakeshott in the context of German Idealism Efraim Podoksik
13. Oakeshott's contribution to Hobbes scholarship Ian Tregenza
14. Oakeshott and the Cold-War critique of political rationalism Dana Villa