The Cambridge Companion to Sibelius (Cambridge Companions to Music)

The Cambridge Companion to Sibelius (Cambridge Companions to Music)

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 2/26/2004
EAN 9780521894609, ISBN10: 0521894603

Paperback, 294 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 1.7 cm
Language: English
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Jean Sibelius has gradually emerged as one of the most striking and influential figures in twentieth-century music, yet his work is only just beginning to receive the critical attention that its importance deserves. This Companion provides an accessible and vivid account of Sibelius's work in its historical and cultural context. Leading international scholars, from Finland, the United States and the UK, examine Sibelius's music from a range of critical perspectives, including nationalism, eroticism and the exotic, music and landscape, reception and musical influence. There are also chapters on recording and interpretation that offer fascinating insights into the performance of Sibelius's work. The book includes much material, drawing on scholarship, as well as providing a comprehensive introduction to Sibelius's major musical achievements.

Introduction Daniel M. Grimley
Part I. Forging a Voice
Perspectives on Sibelius Biography
1. The national nomposer and the idea of Finnishness Matti Huttunen
2. Vienna and the genesis of Jean Sibelius's Kullervo
'Durchführung zum Teufel!' Glenda Dawn Goss
Part II. Musical Works
3. The early symphonies
pastoral idylls, erotic anxieties and heroic subjectivities Stephen Downes
4. The genesis of the violin concerto Jukka Tiilikainen
5. The later symphonies Arnold Whittall
6. 'Finlandia Awakens!'
Sibelius and Finlandia James Hepokoski
7. The tone poems
genre, landscape and structural perspective Daniel M. Grimley
8. Finnish Modern
love, sex, and style in Sibelius's songs Jeffrey Kallberg
9. Sibelius the miniaturist Veijo Murtomäki
Part III. Influence and Reception
10. The Finnish legacy
sub umbra Sibelii Ilkka Oramo
11. Sibelius in Germany
Wahrhaftigkeit beyond Allnatur Tomi Mäkelä
12. Sibelius in Britain Peter Franklin
13. Sibelius and contemporary music Julian Anderson
Part IV. Interpreting Sibelius
14. Different kinds of fidelity
interpreting Sibelius on record Bethany Lowe
15. Interpreting Sibelius Sir Colin Davis and Osmo Vänskä in conversation with Daniel M. Grimley Sir Colin Davis, Osmo Vänskä and Daniel M. Grimley.