The Cambridge Companion to Thomas Jefferson (Cambridge Companions to American Studies)

The Cambridge Companion to Thomas Jefferson (Cambridge Companions to American Studies)

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Cambridge University Press, 1/22/2009
EAN 9780521686976, ISBN10: 0521686970

Paperback, 228 pages, 22.7 x 15.3 x 1.1 cm
Language: English

This Companion forms an accessible introduction to the life and work of Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence. Essays explore Jefferson's political thought, his policies towards Native Americans, his attitude to race and slavery, as well as his interests in science, architecture, religion and education. Contributors include leading literary scholars and historians; the essays offer up to date overviews of his many interests, his friendships and his legacy. Together, they reveal his importance in the cultural and political life of early America. At the same time these original essays speak to abiding modern concerns about American culture and Jefferson's place in it. This Companion will be essential reading for students and scholars of Jefferson, and is designed for use by students of American literature and American history.

Introduction Frank Shuffelton
1. The Declaration of Independence and the New Nation Eric Slauter
2. Jefferson and the idea of Republican government Ari Helo
3. Jefferson and the West Thomas Hallock
4. Jefferson and Native Americans
policy and archive Gordon Sayre
5. Race and slavery in the era of Jefferson Douglas Egerton
6. Jefferson's people
slavery at Monticello Lucia C. Stanton
7. Jefferson, science, and the Enlightenment Timothy Sweet
8. Thomas Jefferson and the creation of the American architectural image Richard Guy Wilson
9. Jefferson and the education of a democratic citizenry Darren Staloff
10. Jefferson and religion
private belief, public policy Richard Samuelson
11. Jefferson and the language of friendship Andrew Burstein
12. The correspondence of Jefferson and Adams Joanne Freeman
13. The correspondence of Jefferson and Madison Annette Gordon-Reed
14. Jefferson and the democratic future Douglas Anderson
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