The Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization

The Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization

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Graham Shipley, John Vanderspoel, David Mattingly, Lin Foxhall
Cambridge University Press, 11/6/2008
EAN 9780521731508, ISBN10: 052173150X

Paperback, 1010 pages, 24.6 x 17.3 x 5.6 cm
Language: English

The Cambridge Guide to Classical Civilization provides an authoritative survey of the classical world, combining the traditional strengths of classical subjects with new approaches examining the social and cultural features of the ancient Greek and Roman world. Ranging in time from post-Bronze Age Greece to the later Roman Empire, it looks not only at ancient Greece and Rome, but discusses those cultures with which Greeks and Romans exchanged information and culture (e.g. Phoenicians, Celts and Jews) and those remote peoples with whom they were in contact (e.g. Persia, China and India). It paints a vivid new picture of ancient life, exploring material realities such as dress and technology. It emphasises the transmission of classical learning and explores our debts to Greece and Rome. Highly-illustrated, with hundreds of entries by leading scholars, this Guide is a superb reference work and definitive companion for anyone with an interest in the ancient world.

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'Like the OCD, The Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization has literally dozens of marvellous entries, many of which are written by prominent experts in the field. No one will fail to encounter a new idea or new item of information in the work. Students, especially, will appreciate the efforts taken by the editors and contributors to make the analyses accessible and lively.' Bryn Mawr Classical Review