The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 10/19/2017
EAN 9781107103412, ISBN10: 110710341X

Hardcover, 990 pages, 28.3 x 22.5 x 5 cm
Language: English

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development remains the most authoritative and accessible account of all aspects of child development. Written by an international team of experts, its comprehensive coverage includes everything from prenatal development to adolescence, pediatrics, theories and research methods, physical development, social and emotional development, perceptual and cognitive development, language development, psychopathology, and parenting. The second edition has also been thoroughly updated to reflect major developments over the last decade in areas such as neuroscientific methods, developmental cognitive and social neuroscience, the effects of environmental influences on gene expression, and the relationship between human development and evolution. Throughout 124 entries, the Encyclopedia advocates an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to the study of child development. With clear, jargon-free style and user-friendly format, this is the essential reference for researchers and students of child development, as well as healthcare professionals, social workers, educators, and anyone interested in the well-being of children.

Part I. Theories of Development
Part II. Methods in Child Development Research
Part III. Prenatal Development and the Newborn
Part IV. Perceptual and Cognitive Development
Part V. Language and Communication Development
Part VI. Social and Emotional Development
Part VII. Motor and Related Development
Part VIII. Postnatal Brain Development
Part IX. Developmental Pathology
Part X. Crossing the Borders
Part XI. Speculations about Future Directions.