The Cambridge Handbook of Social Sciences in Australia

The Cambridge Handbook of Social Sciences in Australia

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Cambridge University Press, 5/16/2003
EAN 9780521822169, ISBN10: 0521822165

Hardcover, 726 pages, 23.4 x 15.6 x 3.8 cm
Language: English

First published in 2003, The Cambridge Handbook of Social Sciences in Australia is a high-quality reference on significant research in Australian social sciences. The book is divided into three main sections, covering the central areas of the social sciences-economics, political science and sociology. Each section examines the significant research in the field, placing it within the context of broader debates about the nature of the social sciences and the ways in which institutional changes have shaped how they are defined, taught and researched.

Part I. Economics
1. Privatisation John Quiggin
2. Competition policy and regulation Stephen P. King
3. Economics and the environment Jeff Bennett
4. Health economics Jane Hall
5. Immigration Glenn Withers
6. Labour market and industrial relations Jeff Borland
7. Income distribution and redistribution Peter Saunders
8. Taxation Patricia Apps, Glenn Jones and Elizabeth Savage
9. Innovation Peter Sheehan and George Messinis
10. International trade and industry policies Kym Anderson
11. The macro economy Graeme Wells
12. Money and banking Bruce Felmingham
Part II. Political Science
13. Political theory Chandran Kukathas
14. Federalism and the constitution Brian Galligan
15. Legislative institutions Campbell Sharman
16. Political parties and electoral behaviour Simon Jackman
17. Electoral systems David M. Farrell and Ian McAllister
18. Gender politics Patty Renfrow
19. Interest groups and social movements Ian Marsh
20. Environmental policy and politics Elim Papadakis
21. International relations Christian Reus-Smit
22. Political economy Stephen Bell and John Ravenhill
23. Public policy and public administration John Wanna
Part III. Sociology
24. Patterns of social inequality Kathryn Dwan and John S. Western
25. Families and households Janeen Baxter
26. Gender perspectives Chilla Bulbeck
27. Work and employment Bill Martin
28. Crime and deviance Sharyn L. Roach Anleu
29. Health and illness Jake M. Najman
30. Population Peter McDonald
31. Race, ethnicity and immigration Christine Inglis
32. Urban and regional sociology Scott Baum and Patrick Mullins
33. Rural sociology Stewart Lockie, Lynda Herbert-Cheshire and Geoffrey Lawrence
34. Religion and spirituality Gary D. Bouma
35. Cultural studies, Australian studies and cultural sociology Philip Smith and Brad West
36. Sociological theory Peter Beilharz
37. Social policy and social welfare Adam Jamrozik.