The Cambridge Handbook of the Just War (Cambridge Handbooks in Philosophy)

The Cambridge Handbook of the Just War (Cambridge Handbooks in Philosophy)

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Cambridge University Press, 1/31/2018
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Paperback, 368 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 2.1 cm
Language: English

What makes a war just? What makes a specific weapon, strategy, or decision in war just? The tradition of Just War Theory has provided answers to these questions since at least 400 AD, yet each shift in the weapons and strategies of war poses significant challenges to Just War Theory. This book assembles renowned scholars from around the world to reflect on the most pressing problems and questions in Just War Theory, and engages with all three stages of war: jus ad bellum, jus in bello, and jus post bellum. Providing detailed historical context as well as addressing modern controversies and topics including drones, Islamic jihad, and humanitarian intervention, the volume will be highly important for students and scholars of the philosophy of war as well as for others interested in contemporary global military and ethical issues.

Introduction Larry May
Part I. Historical Background
1. Just War tradition in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages John Mark Mattox
2. Grotius and the early modern tradition Johan Olsthoorn
Part II. Initiating a Just War
3. State defense Yitzhak Benbaji
4. Just cause Uwe Steinhoff
5. The condition of last resort Suzanne Uniacke
6. The moral problems of asymmetric war Steve Lee
Part III. Conducting a Just War
7. Individual self-defense in war Lionel McPherson
8. Distinction and civilian immunity Shannon French
9. Proportionality and necessity in Bello Jovanna Davidovic
10. Weighing civilian lives
domestic versus foreign Saba Bazargan-Forward
11. Drone warfare and the principle of discrimination Eric Joseph Ritter
Part IV. Just War and International Legal Theory
12. Jus ad Bellum Larry May
13. The basic structure of Jus in Bello Jens David Ohlin
14. Necessity and proportionality in international law Adil Haque
15. Humanitarianism
neutrality, impartiality, and humanity Elizabeth Lanphier
16. The challenge to the laws of war by Islamic Jihad Shannon Fyfe
Afterword Henry Shue.