The Cambridge History of Asian American Literature

The Cambridge History of Asian American Literature

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Cambridge University Press, 12/1/2015
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Hardcover, 600 pages, 23.7 x 15.8 x 4 cm
Language: English

The Cambridge History of Asian American Literature presents a comprehensive history of the field, from its origins in the nineteenth century to the present day. It offers an unparalleled examination of all facets of Asian American writing that help readers to understand how authors have sought to make their experiences meaningful. Covering subjects from autobiography and Japanese American internment literature to contemporary drama and social protest performance, this History traces the development of a literary tradition while remaining grounded in current scholarship. It also presents new critical approaches to Asian American literature that will serve the needs of students and specialists alike. Written by leading scholars in the field, The Cambridge History of Asian American Literature will not only engage readers in contemporary debates but also serve as a definitive reference for years to come.

1. The origins of Chinese American autobiography Floyd Cheung
2. Stage orientalism and Asian American performance from the 19th into the 20th century Josephine Lee
3. 'I seek out poems now incomplete'
writings from the Angel Island immigration station Sunn Shelley Wong
4. The Eaton sisters and the figure of the Eurasian Jinhua Emma Teng
5. Indian diasporic autobiography
new nations and new selves Sandhya Shukla
6. Koreans in exile
Younghill Kang and Richard E. Kim Joseph Jeon
7. Filipino and Filipina voices Denise Cruz
8. Chinatown life as contested terrain
H. T. Chiang, Jade Snow Wong, and C. Y. Lee Patricia Chu
9. Coded critique
Japanese American internment literature Traise Yamamoto
10. Asian American short fiction and the contingencies of form, 1930s–1960s Jinqi Ling
11. The Chicago School and the sociological imagination Cynthia Tolentino
12. Documenting the third world student strike, the anti-war movement, and the emergence of second-wave feminism from Asian American perspectives Daryl Joji Maeda
13. The art of the Asian American movement's social protest performance Lucy Burns
14. Inventing identity
the manifestos of pioneering Asian American literature anthologies Donald Goellnicht
15. Maxine Hong Kingston, feminism, and postmodern literature Stella Bolaki
16. The emergence of Asian American literature as an academic field Viet Thanh Nguyen
17. Theresa Hak-Kyung Cha and the impact of theory Timothy Yu
18. Heterogeneity to multiplicity
building Asian American literary critique Anita Mannur and Allan Punzalan Isaac
19. Whose Asias? Samir Dayal
20. The South Asian American challenge Asha Nadkarni
21. Contemporary Filipino American writers and the legacy of imperialism Eleanor Ty
22. Beyond solitary confinement
rethinking the socio-political context of local literature in Hawai'i Seri Luangphinith
23. Contemporary Asian American drama Esther Kim Lee
24. 'More than you ever knew you knew'
the rising prestige of fiction Tina Chen
25. Asian American poetry and the politics of form Dorothy Wang
26. The forgotten war in Korea Josephine Park
27. The American war in Vietnam and its diasporas Anh Thang Dao-Shah and Isabelle Thuy Pelaud
28. Refugee aesthetics
Cambodia, Laos, and the Hmong Cathy Schlund-Vials
29. The 9/11 of our imagination
Islam, the figure of the Muslim, and the failed liberalism of the racial present Junaid Rana
30. Narrating war
Arab and Muslim American aesthetics Samina Najmi
31. Thick time and space
Karen Tei Yamashita's aesthetics Kandice Chuh
32. New media Konrad Ng
33. Beyond national literatures
empire and Amitav Ghosh Ruth Maxey.