The Cambridge History of Capitalism: Volume 1

The Cambridge History of Capitalism: Volume 1

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Cambridge University Press, 2014-01-23
EAN 9781107019638, ISBN10: 110701963X

Paperback, 628 pages, 23 x 22.8 x 16 cm

'In many respects the history of capitalism is the history most relevant to our times. It's a huge story and is well told in this very important book.' Lawrence H. Summers, Charles W. Eliot University Professor, Harvard University

The two editors of The Cambridge History of Capitalism have done an excellent job in assembling an all-star group of scholars in presenting first-rate essays dealing with the development and accomplishments of capitalism and the important impacts of national and international markets for labor, capital, and goods throughout the world. These studies range in time from ancient Babylonia to today. All essays are superbly researched and highly informative in detailing the contributions of markets and of capitalism to global political and economic development.' Stanley Engerman, University of Rochester, New York

'This is a book we have been waiting for: an authoritative analysis of the rise and development of global capitalism, inspired by the great classical economists and written by a team of excellent experts in the field. A fine update of our knowledge about one of the big questions in the social sciences.' Jan Luiten van Zanden, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands

'… an inestimable contribution.' Oxford Today