The Cambridge History of Christianity: Volume 3, Early Medieval Christianities, c.600–c.1100: Early Medieval Christianities, C.600-c.1100 v. 3

The Cambridge History of Christianity: Volume 3, Early Medieval Christianities, c.600–c.1100: Early Medieval Christianities, C.600-c.1100 v. 3

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Cambridge University Press, 9/11/2008
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Hardcover, 880 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 5.4 cm
Language: English

The key focus of this book is the vitality and dynamism of all aspects of Christian experience from late antiquity to the First Crusade. By putting the institutional and doctrinal history firmly in the context of Christianity's many cultural manifestations and lived formations everywhere from Afghanistan to Iceland, this volume of The Cambridge History of Christianity emphasizes the ever-changing, varied expressions of Christianity at both local and world level. The insights of many disciplines, including gender studies, codicology, archaeology and anthropology, are deployed to offer fresh interpretations which challenge the conventional truths concerning this formative period. Addressing eastern, Byzantine and western Christianity, it explores encounters between Christians and others, notably Jews, Muslims, and pagans; the institutional life of the church including law, reform and monasticism; the pastoral and sacramental contexts of worship, belief and morality; and finally its cultural and theological meanings, including heresy, saints' cults and the afterlife.

Christendom, c.600 Peter Brown
Part I. Foundations
Peoples, Places, and Traditions
1. Late Roman Christianities Philip Rousseau
2. The emergence of Byzantine orthodoxy, 600–1095 Andrew Louth
3. Beyond empire I
Eastern Christianities from the Persian to the Turkish conquest, 604–1071 Igor Dorfmann-Lazarev
4. Beyond empire II
Christianities of the Celtic Peoples, 600–1100 Thomas M. Charles-Edwards
5. Germanic Christianities, 600–1100 Lesley Abrams
6. Slav Christianities, 800–1100 Jonathan Shepard
Part II. Christianity in Confrontation
7. Christians and Jews, 600-c.1100 Bat-Sheva Albert
8. The Mediterranean frontier
Christianity face to face with Islam Hugh Kennedy
9. Christians under Muslim rule Sidney H. Griffith
10. Latin and Greek Christians Tia M. Kolbaba
11. The northern frontier
Christianity face to face with Paganism Ian N. Wood
Part III. Christianity in the Social and Political Order
12. The Christian church as an institution Thomas F. X. Noble
13. Ascetism and its institutions Anne-Marie Helvétius and Michel Kaplan
14. Law and its applications Janet L. Nelson
15. The problems of property Rosemary Morris
16. Ideas and applications of reform, c.600–c.1100 Julia Barrow
17. Churches in the landscape Dominique Iogna-Prat
Part IV. Christianity as Lived Experience
18. Birth and death Frederick S. Paxton
19. Remedies for sins Rob Meens
20. Sickness and healing Peregrine Horden
21. Gender and the body Lynda L. Coon
22. Sacrifice, gifts, and prayers in Latin Christianity Arnold Angenendt
23. Performing the liturgy Éric Palazzo
Part V. Christianity
Books and Ideas
24. Visions of God Alain Boureau
25. Orthodoxy and deviance E. Ann Matter
26. Making sense of the Bible, 600–1100 Guy Lobrichon
27. The Christian book in medieval Byzantium Leslie Brubaker and Mary B. Cunningham
28. Saints and their cults Julia M. H. Smith
29. Last things Jane Baun
Christendom, c.1100 John H. Van Engen.

'... an excellent addition to an invaluable series.' The Historical Association