The Cambridge History of Christianity: Volume 6, Reform and Expansion 1500-1660

The Cambridge History of Christianity: Volume 6, Reform and Expansion 1500-1660

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Cambridge University Press, 2007-08-02
EAN 9780521811620, ISBN10: 0521811627

Paperback, 772 pages, 22.8 x 22.6 x 15.8 cm

This authoritative volume presents the history of Christianity from the eve of the Protestant Reformation to the height of Catholic Reform. In addition to in-depth coverage of the politics and theology of various reform movements in the sixteenth century, this book discusses at length the impact of the permanent schism on Latin Christendom, the Catholic responses to it, and the influence on the development of the Orthodox churches. This comprehensive and comparative overview covers the history of society, politics, theology, liturgy, religious orders, and art in the lands of Latin Christianity. In thirty chapters written by an international team of contributors the volume expands the boundaries of inquiry to the relationship between Christianity and non-Christian religions - Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism - both in Europe and in the non-European world.

'The articles in this volume are of the high standard that one would expect given the expertise of the contributors. Although they are largely summary in nature, one is left with a clear sense of the cutting-edge research underlying this volume that in turn reflects the current vibrancy and depth of Reformation studies. ... Along with an excellent chronology and a very full bibliography for both the volume itself and for each article, this is a succinct history of early modern Christianity and an ideal summary of current research developments for scholars at all levels.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History