The Cambridge History of Law in America

The Cambridge History of Law in America

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Cambridge University Press, 4/28/2008
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Hardcover, 888 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 5 cm
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Volume 2 of The Cambridge History of Law in America focuses on the long nineteenth century (1789–1920). It deals with the formation and development of the American state system, the establishment and growth of systematic legal education, the spread of the legal profession, the growing density of legal institutions and their interaction with political and social action and the development of the modern criminal justice system. We also see how law intertwines with religion, how it becomes ingrained in popular culture and how it intersects with the worlds of the American military and of international relations. The Cambridge History of Law in America has been made possible by the generous support of the American Bar Foundation.

1. Law and the American state, from the Revolution to the Civil War
institutional growth and structural change Mark R. Wilson
2. Legal education and legal thought, 1790–1920 Hugh C. MacGill and R. Kent Newmyer
3. The legal profession
from the Revolution to the Civil War Alfred S. Konefsky
4. The courts, 1790–1920 Kermit L. Hall
5. Criminal justice in the United States, 1790–1920
a government of laws or men? Elizabeth Dale
6. Citizenship and immigration law, 1800–1924
resolutions of membership and territory Kunal M. Parker
7. Federal policy, Western movement and consequences for indigenous people, 1790–1920 David E. Wilkins
8. Marriage and domestic relations Norma Basch
9. Slavery, antislavery, and the coming of the Civil War Ariela Gross
10. The civil war and reconstruction Laura F. Edwards
11. Law, personhood and citizenship in the long nineteenth century
the borders of belonging Barbara Young Welke
12. Law in popular culture, 1790–1920
the people and the law Nan Goodman
13. Law and religion, 1790–1920 Sarah Barringer Gordon
14. Legal innovation and market capitalism, 1790–1920 Tony A. Freyer
15. Innovations in law and technology, 1790–1920 B. Zorina Khan
16. The laws of industrial organization, 1870–1920 Karen Orren
17. The military in American legal history Jonathan Lurie
18. The United States and international affairs, 1789–1919 Eileen P. Scully
19. Politics, state building, and the courts, 1870–1920 William E. Forbath.

'This volume not only provides an excellent showcase of some of the best current writing on American legal history, but also gives a good view of the dominant approach to the subject on the other side of the Atlantic.' Edinburgh Law Review