The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland: Volume 2, 1640–1850

The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland: Volume 2, 1640–1850

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Cambridge University Press, 10/26/2006
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Hardcover, 588 pages, 23.5 x 15.7 x 4 cm
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The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland describes the development of libraries in Great Britain and Ireland over some 1500 years, and their role as a part of the social, intellectual and cultural history. In addition to obvious links with the history of books and literature, the volumes include consideration of education, technology, social philosophy, architecture and the arts, as they have affected libraries. The significant international dimension, which has affected British and Irish libraries from the Middle Ages to the present, receives due attention. Other themes considered in each volume include the housing, storage and maintenance of books and other material; the individuals responsible for their care and those who used them; developments in provision, organization and cataloguing; and the principles and attitudes - of librarians and users - which such developments reflect.

1. Introduction Giles Mandelbrote and Keith Manley
Part I. The Expansion of Book Collections 1640–1750
2. Ancients and moderns
cross-currents in early modern intellectual life Joseph M. Levine
3. Libraries, books and learning, from Bacon to the Enlightenment Paul A. Nelles
4. Opportunities for building collections and libraries R. Julian Roberts
5. Libraries for school education and personal devotion Ian Green
6. Libraries for the parish
individual donors and charitable societies W. M. Jacob
7. Endowed libraries for towns Michael Powell
8. Libraries in university towns Charles Benson
9. Ecclesiastical libraries
libraries for the higher clergy Sheila Hingley
10. Antiquaries' and heralds' libraries Nigel Ramsay
11. Professional collections
libraries for scientists and doctors Scott Mandelbrote
12. Personal owners of books Giles Mandelbrote
13. Library buildings and fittings John Newman
14. Baroque librarianship P. S. Morrish
Part II. Library Developments at a Local Level
15. Libraries for sociability
the rise of the subscription library James Raven
Two case studies of local library provision
16. Norwich David Stoker
17. Belfast Wesley McCann
Part III. Provincial and Metropolitan Libraries 1750–1850
18. Libraries in context
social, cultural and intellectual background Joanna Innes
19. The book trade and libraries John Feather
20. Ecclesiastical libraries Joan Williams
21. Libraries in the parish Graham Best
22. Books and universities Peter Freshwater
23. Libraries and literacy in popular education Brian Burch
24. Scientific and medical libraries
the rise of the institution John Symonds
25. The first century of the British Museum library P. R. Harris
26. The impact of the British Museum library Marvin Spevack
27. Private libraries in the age of `bibliomania' Arnold Hunt
28. Library architecture and interiors M. H. Port
29. Library management in the pre-professional age P. S. Morrish
30. Libraries for an imperial power Wallace Kirsop
31. Engines of literature
libraries in an age of expansion and transition K. A. Manley
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