The Cambridge History of Modernism

The Cambridge History of Modernism

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Cambridge University Press, 1/11/2017
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This Cambridge History of Modernism is the first comprehensive history of modernism in the distinguished Cambridge Histories series. It identifies a distinctive temperament of 'modernism' within the 'modern' period, establishing the circumstances of modernized life as the ground and warrant for an art that becomes 'modernist' by virtue of its demonstrably self-conscious involvement in this modern condition. Following this sensibility from the end of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth, tracking its manifestations across pan-European and transatlantic locations, the forty-three chapters offer a remarkable combination of breadth and focus. Prominent scholars of modernism provide analytical narratives of its literature, music, visual arts, architecture, philosophy, and science, offering circumstantial accounts of its diverse personnel in their many settings. These historically informed readings offer definitive accounts of the major work of twentieth-century cultural history and provide a new cornerstone for the study of modernism in the current century.

Introduction. A history of 'modernism' Vincent Sherry
Part I. Modernism in Time
Framing essay Vincent Sherry
1. Modernist temporality
the science and philosophy and aesthetics of temporality from 1880 Tim Armstrong
2. Ahead of time
the avant-gardes Jed Rasula
3. At other times
Modernism and the 'primitive' David Richards
4. The long turn of the century Vincent Sherry
5. The 1910s and the Great War Mark Morrisson
6. On or about 1922
annus mirabilis and the other 1920s Michael Levenson
7. The 1930s, the Second World War, and late Modernism Leo Mellor
Part II. Modernism in Space
Framing essay Vincent Sherry
8. Modernist spaces in science, philosophy, the arts, and society Stephen Kern
9. The new spaces of Modernist painting Daniel Herwitz
10. Architectures and public spaces of Modernism Miles Glendinning
11. Modernism and the urban imaginary 1
spectacle and introspection Matthew Beaumont
12. Modernism and the urban imaginary 2
nationalism, internationalism, and cosmopolitanism David James
13. Modernism and the new global imaginary
a tale of two Modernisms
from Latin America, to Europe, and back again Rubén Gallo
Part III. Modernism In and Out of Kind
Genres, Composite Genres, and New Genres
Framing essay Vincent Sherry
14. Gesamtkunstwerk Lutz Koepnick
15. 'The condition of music'
Modernism and music in the new twentieth century Ronald Schleifer and Benjamin Levy
16. The Modernist 'novel' Marina MacKay
17. The Modernist poem Marjorie Perloff
18. The theatre of modernity Ben Levitas
19. Translation Emily Wittman
20. Literature between media David Trotter
21. Art and its others 1
the aesthetics of technology Nicholas Daly
22. Art and its others 2
advertisement and the little magazines Amanda Sigler
23. Art and its others 3
aesthetics as politics Andrzej Gasiorek
24. The 'new women' of Modernism Cristanne Miller
25. 'The men of 1914' Colleen Lamos
26. Modernism and the racial composite
the case of America Mark Whalan
Part IV. Modernism in Person, Modernism in Community
Framing essay Vincent Sherry
27. A technique of unsettlement
Freud, Freudianism, and the psychology of Modernism Maud Ellmann
28. Newer freewomen and Modernism Rachel Blau DuPlessis
29. Russian Modernism
Kandinsky, Stravinsky, and Mayakovsky Catriona Kelly
30. French Modernism
Gide, Proust, and Larbaud Jean-Michel Rabaté
31. Viennese Modernism
Musil, Rilke, Schoenberg Stanley Corngold
32. The poetics of community
Thomas Mann, Joseph Conrad, Franz Kafka Tobias Boes
33. Picasso, Stein, Apollinaire Willard Bohn
34. Darkening freedom
Yeats, Joyce, Beckett Vicki Mahaffey
35. F. T. Marinetti, Wyndham Lewis, and Tristan Tzara Lawrence Rainey
36. Pound, Eliot, Hemingway Ronald Bush
37. Non-metropolitan Modernism
E. M. Forster, D. H. Lawrence, William Faulkner Howard Booth
38. Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield, Rebecca West Laura Marcus
39. Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and Djuna Barnes Michael North
40. Bertolt Brecht, Sergei Eisenstein, Leni Riefenstahl Nora Alter
41. Theme and variations in American verse
H. D., Marianne Moore, and Wallace Stevens Robin Schulze
42. Letters crossing the color-line
Modernist anxiety and the mixed-race figure in the work of Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, and William Carlos Williams James Smethurst
43. Modernism and reification
Lukács, Benjamin, Adorno C. D. Blanton
Epilogue. Modernism after Postmodernism Steven Connor