The Cambridge History of Postmodern Literature

The Cambridge History of Postmodern Literature

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Cambridge University Press, 3/22/2016
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Hardcover, 552 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 3.4 cm
Language: English

The Cambridge History of Postmodern Literature offers a comprehensive survey of the field, from its emergence in the mid-twentieth century to the present day. It offers an unparalleled examination of all facets of postmodern writing that helps readers to understand how fiction and poetry, literary criticism, feminist theory, mass media, and the visual and fine arts have characterized the historical development of postmodernism. Covering subjects from the Cold War and countercultures to the Latin American Boom and magic realism, this History traces the genealogy of a literary tradition while remaining grounded in current scholarship. It also presents new critical approaches to postmodern literature that will serve the needs of students and specialists alike. Written by a host of leading scholars, this History will not only engage readers in contemporary debates but also serve as a definitive reference for years to come.

1. Postmodernism and its precursors Joe Bray
2. After the Holocaust Robert Eaglestone
3. Empire's ebb Theo D'Haen
4. Cold War culture at the mid-century Alan Nadel
5. Mass mediation John Johnston
6. Countercultures David Shumway
7. New novels Randall Stevenson
8. The Latin American boom and the invention of magic realism Wendy B. Faris
9. Rise of theory Thomas Docherty
10. The architectural paradigm Brian McHale
11. The dematerialization of the art object – a conversation Amanda Gluibizzi and Michael Mercil
12. The new Hollywood cinema and after John Hellmann
13. Second-wave feminism and after Robin Warhol
14. Gay and lesbian subcultures from Stonewall to Angels in America Martin Dines
15. The 'post' in 'postcolonial' Sara Upstone
16. 'Celtic' postmodernism and the break up of Britain Len Platt
17. Historiographic metafictions Amy Elias
18. High/low, or avant-pop Brian McHale
19. The oulipo, language poetry, and proceduralism Andrew Epstein
20. Punk and MTV Barry Shank
21. Cyberpunk and postmodern science fiction Elana Gomel
22. The art market and the revival of painting in the 1990s Frazer Ward
23. Hip hop is (not) postmodern James Braxton Peterson
24. Postmodern Japan and global visual culture Takauko Tatsumi
25. Digital culture and posthumanism Dave Ciccoricco
26. Culture war at the turn of the millennium Ellen G. Friedman
27. Second-generation postmoderns Stephen Burn
28. Postmodern China Wang Ning
29. Towards cosmodernism? Christian Moraru
Y2K and after Andrew Hoberek.