The Cambridge History of the Second World War: Volume 2

The Cambridge History of the Second World War: Volume 2

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Cambridge University Press, 4/23/2015
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Hardcover, 720 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 4 cm
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War is often described as an extension of politics by violent means. With contributions from twenty-eight eminent historians, Volume 2 of The Cambridge History of the Second World War examines the relationship between ideology and politics in the war's origins, dynamics and consequences. Part I examines the ideologies of the combatants and shows how the war can be understood as a struggle of words, ideas and values with the rival powers expressing divergent claims to justice and controlling news from the front in order to sustain moral and influence international opinion. Part II looks at politics from the perspective of pre-war and wartime diplomacy as well as examining the way in which neutrals were treated and behaved. The volume concludes by assessing the impact of states, politics and ideology on the fate of individuals as occupied and liberated peoples, collaborators and resistors, and as British and French colonial subjects.

Introduction to Volume 2 Richard Bosworth and Joseph Maiolo
Part I. Ideologies
Introduction to Part I Richard Bosworth and Joseph Maiolo
1. The Axis
Germany, Japan and Italy on the road to war Robert Gerwarth
2. Western allied ideology, 1939–45 Talbot Imlay
3. The Soviet Union and international left Silvio Pons
4. The propaganda war Jo Fox
5. Reporting from the battlefield
censorship and journalism Steven Casey
6. International organizations Patricia Clavin
7. Nazi genocides Jürgen Matthäus
8. War crimes trials Donald Bloxham and Jonathan Waterlow
Part II. Diplomacy and Alliances
Introduction to Part II Richard Bosworth and Joseph Maiolo
9. Europe
the failure of diplomacy, 1933–40 Peter Jackson
10. Asia-Pacific
the failure of diplomacy, 1931–41 Peter Mauch
11. The diplomacy of the Axis, 1940–41 Norman J. W. Goda
12. The diplomacy of the Grand Alliance David Reynolds
13. Spain
betting on a Nazi victory Paul Preston
14. Sweden
negotiated neutrality Klas Ã…mark
Part III. Occupation, Collaboration, Resistance and Liberation
Introduction to Part III Richard Bosworth and Joseph Maiolo
15. Wartime occupation by Germany
food and sex Nicholas Stargardt
16. Collaboration, resistance and liberation in Western Europe William I. Hitchcock
17. Wartime occupation by Italy Davide Rodogno
18. Collaboration, resistance and liberation in the Balkans, 1941–45 Gregor Kranjc
19. Soviet liberations and occupations, 1939–49 Mark Edele
20. Collaboration, resistance and accommodation in Northeast Asia Margherita Zanasi
21. Japanese occupation of Southeast Asia, 1941–45 Paul H. Kratoska and Ken'ichi Goto
22. The British Empire, 1939–45 Ashley Jackson
23. France and its colonial civil wars, 1940–45 Martin Thomas
24. The Muslim world in the Second World War David Motodel
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