The Challenges of Divine Determinism: A Philosophical Analysis

The Challenges of Divine Determinism: A Philosophical Analysis

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Peter Furlong
Cambridge University Press, 6/6/2019
EAN 9781108483025, ISBN10: 110848302X

Hardcover, 246 pages, 23.4 x 15.7 x 1.7 cm
Language: English

In this volume, Peter Furlong delves into the question of divine determinism - the view that God has determined everything that has ever happened or will ever happen. This view, which has a long history among multiple religious and philosophical traditions, faces a host of counterarguments. It seems to rob humans of their free will, absolving them of all the wrongs they commit. It seems to make God the author of sin and thus blameworthy for all human wrongdoing. Additionally, it seems to undermine the popular 'Free Will Defense' of the problem of evil, to make a mockery of the claim that God loves us, and to make it inappropriate for God to blame and punish us. This work carefully formulates these and other objections to divine determinism and investigates possible responses to each of them, providing systematic and balanced discussion of this major philosophical and theological debate.

1. A primer on divine determinism
2. Divine determinism and free will
the consequence argument
3. Divine determinism and free will
manipulation arguments
4. Divine determinism and the author of sin objection
5. Divine determinism and the blameworthiness objection
6. Divine determinism and the free will defense
7. God, determined agents, and love
8. Divine commands, the divine will, and divine blame