The Constitution for Europe: A Legal Analysis (Cambridge Studies in European Law and Policy)

The Constitution for Europe: A Legal Analysis (Cambridge Studies in European Law and Policy)

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Jean-Claude Piris
Cambridge University Press, 2006-03-30
EAN 9780521682183, ISBN10: 0521682185

Paperback, 292 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.9 cm
Language: English

There is much confusion over the ‘Constitution’, and this book provides an in-depth legal analysis of the institutional aspects of the Constitutional Treaty which, if ratified by the 25 EU Member States, would govern the European Union. Piris argues that, despite its ratification being rejected by the French and the Netherlands referenda in 2005, the Treaty should not be discarded, as it will inevitably be the point of departure for the future of European integration. He places this analysis in an historical and political context and explains the origin, meanings and legal and political effects of all proposed changes to the present treaties.

'Whatever its ultimate political destiny, the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe is destined to remain a fundamental text. Piris has managed the impossible: a commentary written with the authority (and passion) of a key insider who has 'been there, done that' and yet displaying critical objective insights more habitually found in the detached observer.' Professor Joseph H. H. Weiler, Director, Global Law School Program, NYU School of Law

'Jean-Claude Piris is the leading expert on the EU Treaties. It was he who was called on by John Major to convince a sceptical European Council, in Edinburgh in 1992, to accept the additional package which persuaded the Danish nation to reverse their initial rejection of the Maastricht Treaty. His analysis of the Constitutional Treaty is legally authoritative and politically astute. Clear, timely, and wise, it can be commended not just to scholars and practitioners, but to all confused by the Treaty's text, history, or fate.' Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, Former UK Permanent Representative to the EU, Former Head of the UK Diplomatic Service, and Former Secretary-General of the European Convention

'Piris is the insider's insider …' Financial Times