The Decade of the Multilatinas

The Decade of the Multilatinas

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Javier Santiso
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 4/25/2013
EAN 9781107034433, ISBN10: 1107034434

Hardcover, 302 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.8 cm
Language: English

Latin American multinationals (multilatinas) have been central in the rise of emerging markets in the last few decades. Their development comprises part of the global shift of wealth and power between nations. The rise of firms in a broad range of sectors - including construction, oil, telecommunications and the aeronautical industry - as important regional and global players is spreading: companies in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and many others are part of this increasing phenomenon. This book analyses the trends, the countries and the firms involved, and explores the implications for the US, China, Spain and the rest of Europe. In particular, Javier Santiso examines how Spain might profit from positioning itself as a unique hub between Europe and Latin America. The Decade of the Multilatinas includes a wide range of statistical data which will be useful to scholars, policymakers and commentators on Latin America in particular, and international business and emerging markets more generally.

Foreword Mauro F. Guillén
1. A novus mundus
2. The decade of the multilatinas
3. The expansion of Brazilian multilatinas
4. The expansion of Spanish-speaking multilatinas
5. Multilatinas 2.0
6. China
a wake up call
7. Spain and Latin America
8. Spain as a Latin hub

'The continued growth in global trade and investment is rapidly forcing us to rethink the way we look at the role of the emerging economies. Early in this long process, the focus was on local production in these economies, based on cheap labor and abundant resources. But much more is going on. This timely book focuses on the impressive international expansion of Latin corporations, an important topic that thus far has not received much attention. I highly recommend it to all audiences.' Arminio Fraga, Founder of Gávea Investimentos (acquired by JP Morgan) and former Governor of the Central Bank of Brazil

'Thank you for a very timely and relevant book on a subject that will impact all our lives. Whether in business or not, this is a must-read.' Marcelo Claure, Chairman and CEO, Brightstar Corp.

'Javier Santiso highlights in his book the role of multilatinas. This is not a new phenomenon. What is new is the magnitude of capital flows and the rising number of firms that are deciding to open offices in different cities, or buy existing businesses in different countries. Specialists such as Javier Santiso have identified five general reasons for companies to go international, including access to technology, resources, markets, strategic assets, and a more diversified client base. Indicators demonstrating higher-than-average investment returns tend to weigh in on this decision. I highly recommend this book.' Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the Inter-American Development Bank

'The book is a timely and highly informative overview of globalization from the perspective of the rise of multinationals based in Latam. It rightly points out the key role of Spain as the port of entry of Latam companies expanding in Europe.' André Esteves, Partner and CEO of BTG Pactual