The Deeper Wrong: Or, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Cambridge Library Collection - Slavery and Abolition)

The Deeper Wrong: Or, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Cambridge Library Collection - Slavery and Abolition)

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Harriet Ann Jacobs
Cambridge University Press, 1/27/2011
EAN 9781108025010, ISBN10: 1108025013

Paperback, 312 pages, 21.6 x 14 x 2 cm
Language: English

Harriet Ann Jacobs (1813–1897) was born into slavery in North Carolina, but escaped to the north to flee her owner's sexual advances. This autobiography was published under a pseudonym in 1861 to protect her family. She became involved with the Anti-Slavery Society, speaking at meetings in support of abolition. The book was aimed at middle-class white women, and stresses the impact of slavery on women's chastity, as slaves were frequently sexually exploited. She is highly critical of the nominal Christianity of the culture of the southern States. Much of the narrative deals with her efforts to regain her children, who had remained her master's property. Jacobs' first-hand account was an early publication of its type, and many found the abuse she suffered shocking and unbelievable. Jacobs became a role model for freed slaves, in taking control of her life, and helping others to adapt through education.

Preface by the author
Introduction by the editor
1. Childhood
2. The new master and mistress
3. The slaves' New Year's Day
4. The slave who dared to feel like a man
5. The trials of girlhood
6. The jealous mistress
7. The lover
8. What slaves are taught to think about the north
9. Sketches of neighboring slaveholders
10. A perilous passage in the slave girl's life
11. The new tie to life
12. Fear of insurrection
13. The church and slavery
14. Another link to life
15. Continued persecutions
16. Scenes at the plantation
17. The flight
18. Months of peril
19. The children sold
20. New perils
21. The loophole of retreat
22. Christmas festivities
23. Still in prison
24. The candidate for Congress
25. Competition in cunning
26. Important era in my brother's life
27. New destination for the children
28. Aunt Nancy
29. Preparations for escape
30. Northward bound
31. Incidents in Philadelphia
32. The meeting of mother and daughter
33. A home found
34. The old enemy again
35. Prejudice against color
36. The hair-breadth escape
37. A visit to England
38. Renewed invitation to go south
39. The confession
40. The fugitive slave law
41. Free at last