The Detection of Gravitational Waves

The Detection of Gravitational Waves

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Cambridge University Press, 7/25/1991
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Hardcover, 506 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 2.8 cm
Language: English

Gravitational radiation has not been positively detected. Over the past two decades an army of extremely sensitive detectors has been built up, so that today its detection appears inevitable. In the opening chapters of this 1991 book David Blair introduces the concepts of gravitational waves within the context of general relativity. The sources of gravitational radiation for which there is direct observational evidence and those of a more speculative nature are described. He then gives a general introduction to the methods of detection. In the subsequent chapters he has drawn together the leading scientists in the field to give a comprehensive practical and theoretical account of the physics and technology of gravitational wave detection. David Blair has extensive knowledge of the subject and has visited most of the gravitational radiation experiments over the world. He has compiled a book which will be of lasting value to specialists, both the postgraduates and researchers in the field.

Part I. An Introduction to Gravitational Waves and Methods for their Detection
1. Gravitational waves in general relativity D. G. Blair
2. Sources of gravitational waves D. G. Blair
3. Gravitational wave detectors D. G. Blair
Part II. Gravitational Wave Detectors
4. Resonant-bar detectors D. G. Blair
5. Gravity wave dewars W. O. Hamilton
6. Internal friction in high Q materials J. Ferreirinko
7. Motion amplifiers and passive transducers J. P. Richard
8. Parametric transducers P. J. Veitch
9. Detection of continuous waves K. Tsubono
10. Data analysis and algorithms for gravitational wave-antennas G. V. Paalottino
Part III. Laser Interferometer Antennas
11. A Michelson interferometer using delay lines W. Winkler
12. Fabry-Perot cavity gravity-wave detectors R. W. P. Drever
13. The stabilisation of lasers for interferometric gravitational wave detectors J. Hough
14. Vibration isolation for the test masses in interferometric gravitational wave detectors N. A. Robertson
15. Advanced techniques A. Brillet
16. Data processing, analysis and storage for interferometric antennas B. F. Schutz
17. Gravitational wave detection at low and very low frequencies R. W. Hellings.