The Difficulty of Tolerance: Essays in Political Philosophy

The Difficulty of Tolerance: Essays in Political Philosophy

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T. M. Scanlon
Cambridge University Press, 6/26/2003
EAN 9780521826617, ISBN10: 0521826616

Hardcover, 284 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.9 cm
Language: English
Originally published in English

These essays in political philosophy by T. M. Scanlon, written between 1969 and 1999, examine the standards by which social and political institutions should be justified and appraised. Scanlon explains how the powers of just institutions are limited by rights such as freedom of expression, and considers why these limits should be respected even when it seems that better results could be achieved by violating them. Other topics which are explored include voluntariness and consent, freedom of expression, tolerance, punishment, and human rights. The collection includes the classic essays 'Preference and Urgency', 'A Theory of Freedom of Expression', and 'Contractualism and Utilitarianism', as well as a number of other essays that have hitherto not been easily accessible. It will be essential reading for all those studying these topics from the perspective of political philosophy, politics, and law.

1. A theory of freedom of expression
2. Rights, goals, and fairness
3. Due process
4. Preference and urgency
5. Freedom of expression and categories of expression
6. Human rights as a neutral concern
7. Contractualism and utilitarianism
8. Content regulation considered
9. Value, desire and the quality of life
10. The difficulty of tolerance
11. The diversity of objections to equality
12. Punishment and the rule of law
13. Promises and contracts.