The Diffusion of Social Movements: Actors, Mechanisms, and Political Effects

The Diffusion of Social Movements: Actors, Mechanisms, and Political Effects

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Cambridge University Press, 10/7/2010
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It is widely recognized that social movements may spread - or 'diffuse' - from one site to another. Such diffusion, however, is a complex and multidimensional process that involves different actors, networks, and mechanisms. This complexity has spawned a large body of literature on different aspects of the diffusion process, yet a comprehensive framework remains an elusive target. This book is a response to that need, and its framework focuses on three basic analytical questions. First, what is being diffused? Second, how does diffusion occur? Finally, what is the impact of diffusion on organizational development and shifts in the scale of contentious politics? This volume suggests that diffusion is not a simple matter of political contagion or imitation; rather, it is a creative and strategic process marked by political learning, adaptation, and innovation.

1. Introduction
dynamics of diffusion in social movements Rebecca Kolins Givan, Sarah A. Soule and Kenneth M. Roberts
Part I. Diffusion and the Framing of Contentious Politics
2. Transnational networks and institutions
how diffusion shaped the politicization of sexual harassment in Europe Conny Roggeband
3. Temporality and frame diffusion
the case of the creationist/intelligent design and evolutionist movements from 1925–2005 James E. Stobaugh and David A. Snow
4. Framing labor's new human rights movement Lance Compa
5. Framing the GMO
epistemic brokers, authoritative knowledge and diffusion of opposition to biotechnology Ronald J. Herring
Part II. Mechanisms of Diffusion
6. Dialogue matters
beyond the transmission model of transnational diffusion between social movements Sean Chabot
7. The diffusion of different types of internet activism
suggestive patterns in website adoption of innovations Jennifer Earl and Katrina Kimport
8. Transnational networks, diffusion dynamics, and electoral change in the postcommunist world Valerie Bunce and Sharon Wolchik
9. Diffusing the rumor bomb 'John Kerry is French' i.e., haughty, foppish, elitist, socialist, cowardly and gay Jayson Harsin
Part III. Diffusion, Scale Shift, and Organizational Change
10. From protest to organization
the impact of the 1960 sit-ins on movement organizations in the American South Michael Biggs and Kenneth T. Andrews
11. Dynamics of diffusion
mechanisms, institutions, and scale shift Sidney Tarrow.