The Drug Effect

The Drug Effect

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Suzanne Fraser
Cambridge University Press, 9/22/2011
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The Drug Effect: Health, Crime and Society offers new perspectives on critical debates in the field of alcohol and other drug use. Drawing together work by respected scholars in Australia, the US, the UK and Canada, it explores social and cultural meanings of drug use and analyses law enforcement and public health frameworks and objectives related to drug policy and service provision. In doing so, it addresses key questions of drug use and addiction through interdisciplinary, predominantly sociological and criminological, perspectives, mapping and building on recent conceptual and empirical advances in the field. These include questions of materiality and agency, the social constitution of disease and neo-liberal subjectivity and responsibility. This book provides a fresh scholarly perspective on drug use and addiction by collecting top quality original work, written by a mix of international leaders in the field and emerging scholars working at the cutting edge of research.

the drug effect
constructing drugs and addiction Suzanne Fraser and David Moore
Part I. Drug Use as Social and Cultural Practice
1. The social life of smokes
processes of exchange in a heroin marketplace Robyn Dwyer
2. Party animals
the significance of drug practices in the materialisation of urban gay identity Kane Race
3. Pleasure and pain
representations of illegal drug consumption and trafficking in music, film, and video Susan Boyd
4. The ontological politics of knowledge production
qualitative research in the multidisciplinary drug field David Moore
Part II. Drugs, Health and the Medicalisation of Addiction
5. Beyond the 'potsherd'
the role of injecting drug use-related stigma in shaping hepatitis C Suzanne Fraser
6. Drugs that work
pharmaceuticals and performance self-management Helen Keane
7. From 'magic bullets' to medical maintenance
the changing meanings of medical approaches to drug use in US drug policy Nancy D. Campbell
8. Pharmacotherapy as social policy, or, the public and private worlds of welfare capitalism kylie valentine
Part III. Drugs, Crime and the Law
9. Court-ordered treatment, neo-liberalism and homo economicus Toby Seddon
10. Cannabis in cultural and legal limbo
criminalisation, legalisation and the mixed blessing of medicalisation in the U.S. Craig Reinarman
11. Drugs, crime and the law in Australia Ian Warren
12. Re-conceptualising harm reduction in prisons Karen Duke
13. Possessed
the unconscious law of drugs Desmond Manderson.