The Ethics of Preventive War

The Ethics of Preventive War

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Cambridge University Press, 4/4/2013
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In this book, eleven leading theorists debate the normative challenges of preventive war through the lens of important public and political issues of war and peace in the twenty-first century. Their discussion covers complex and topical subjects including terrorism, the 'Bush doctrine' and the invasion of Iraq, Iran's nuclear capabilities, superpower unilateralism and international war tribunals. They examine the moral conundrum of preventive intervention and emphasize the need for a stronger and more effective international legal and political order and a corresponding re-evaluation of the normative status of international law. Together their essays form a challenging and timely volume that will be of interest to scholars in ethics and political philosophy, political theory, international relations, international law and peace studies and to general readers interested in the broader issues of peace and justice in the new world order.

1. Introduction
Part I. Conceptual, Normative, and Methodological Terrains
2. Prevention, pre-emption and other conundrums Jean Bethke Elshtain
3. After Caroline
NSS 2002, practical judgement and the politics and ethics of pre-emption Chris Brown
4. The case for preventive war George Lucas, Jr
Part II. International Law
5. Does international law make a moral difference?
the case of preventive war Michael Blake
6. Threat diplomacy in world politics
legal, moral, political, and civilizational challenges Richard Falk
7. Preventive war and trials of aggression Larry May
Part III. Critiques of Preventive War
8. The conditions of liability to preventive attack Jeff McMahan
9. Are preventive wars always wrong? Stephen Nathanson
10. Ethics and legality
US prevention in Iran Alex Newton
Part IV. Beyond Preventive War
Exploring Other Options
11. Preventive violence
terrorism and humanitarian intervention Tony Coady
12. Enough about just war, what about just peace?
The doctrine of preventive non-intervention Deen Chatterjee.