The European Union: Economics and Policies

The European Union: Economics and Policies

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Ali M. El-Agraa
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 9, 9/8/2011
EAN 9781107400115, ISBN10: 1107400112

Paperback, 518 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 3 cm
Language: English

The European Union has established itself as a leading text that provides readers from all disciplines with a sound understanding of the economics and policies of the EU. Its wealth of information, detail and analysis has ensured that previous editions have been read by a generation of students, researchers and policy makers. It covers all major EU policy areas as well as theories of economic integration, the theory of economic and monetary union (EMU), the measurement of the economic effects of European integration and the legal dimension in EU integration. It also includes an explanation and analysis of all recent developments affecting the EU such as enlargement, the ratification of the Nice Treaty and the Convention for the Future of Europe. This edition has been thoroughly revised and updated and includes new resources to help students and teachers, including summaries, review questions, suggestions for essay titles and further reading lists.

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1. General introduction
the EU within the global context of regional integration Ali M. El-Agraa
Part I. EU History, Institutions, Legal Dimension and Basic European Economy
2. A history of European integration and evolution of the EU Ali M. El-Agraa
3. EU institutions Ali M. El-Agraa
4. The legal dimension in EU integration Imelda Maher
5. The European economy
bare essentials Ali M. El-Agraa
Part II. EU Market Integration
Theory and Practice
6. The theory of economic integration Ali M. El-Agraa
7. The economics of the single market Brian Ardy and Ali M. El-Agraa
8. Factor mobility David Mayes
9. Measuring the economic impact of European integration Ali M. El-Agraa
Part III. EU Monetary Integration
10. The theory of monetary integration Ali M. El-Agraa
11. The development of EU economic and monetary integration David Mayes and Ali M. El-Agraa
12. The operation of EMU David Mayes
Part IV. The Single European Market
Policy Integration
13. Competition policy Wolf Sauter
14. Industrial and competitiveness policy
the Lisbon Strategy Brian Ardy
15. Tax harmonization Brian Ardy and Ali M. El-Agraa
16. Transport policy Kenneth Button
17. Energy policy and energy markets Stephen Martin and Ali M. El-Agraa
18. Environmental policy Ian Barnes
Part V. EU Budget and Structural Policies
19. The general budget Brian Ardy and Ali M. El-Agraa
20. The Common Agricultural Policy Ulrich Koester and Ali M. El-Agraa
21. Common Fisheries policy Ali M. El-Agraa
22. Regional policy Harvey W. Armstrong
23. Social policies
the employment dimension Brian Ardy and Ali M. El-Agraa
Part VI. EU External Relations
24. External trade policy Miriam Manchin and Ali M. El-Agraa
25. The EU and the developing world Ali M. El-Agraa
Part VII. The Future of the EU
26. The future of the EU Ali M. El-Agraa
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