The External Environmental Policy of the European Union: EU and International Law Perspectives

The External Environmental Policy of the European Union: EU and International Law Perspectives

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Cambridge University Press, 10/11/2012
EAN 9781107023826, ISBN10: 1107023823

Hardcover, 438 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.4 cm
Language: English

This collection of essays comprehensively and systematically analyzes the various instruments and innovative approaches through which the EU is forging its external environmental policy, the legal implications of its multifaceted practice and interactions with international environmental law. It explains the legal and institutional framework for EU external action on environmental protection and sustainable development, identifying the changes introduced, and challenges posed, by the Lisbon Treaty. It explores key tools and trends in defining and implementing EU external policy across a broad range of environmental issues, as well as linkages with trade and human rights. It also assesses the reciprocal influences between the development and implementation of EU environmental law and of international environmental law.

Part I. The EU Legal and Institutional Framework After Lisbon
1. The formalities and substance of EU external environmental competence
stuck between climate change and competitiveness H. H. B. Vedder
2. Coherence and EU external environmental policy M. Cremona
3. The post-Lisbon institutions and EU external environmental policy C. Damro
4. The EU's representation in multilateral environmental negotiations after Lisbon M. Buck
5. A Member State's perspective on the post-Lisbon framework for the EU's representation in multilateral environmental negotiations J. Thomson
Part II. Insights Into EU Practice
6. Climate change in EU external relations
please follow my example (or I might force you to) K. Kulovesi
7. EU external action on forests
FLEGT and the development of international law A. Savaresi
8. Environmental integration in EU trade policy
the Generalised System of Preferences, trade sustainability impact assessments and free trade agreements R. Žvelc
9. Environmental integration in EU development cooperation
responding to international commitments or its own policy priorities? G. Marín Durán
10. The trajectory of EU biodiversity cooperation
supporting environmental multilateralism through EU external action E. Morgera
Part III. The EU and International Environmental Law
11. The human rights dimension of environmental protection in EU external relations post-Lisbon D. Augenstein
12. The EU and compliance mechanisms of multilateral environmental agreements
the case of the Aarhus Convention A. Alì
13. Joint responsibility between the EU and Member States for non-performance of obligations under multilateral environmental agreements A. Nollkaemper
14. Controversial aspects of the interaction between international and EU law in environmental matters
direct effect and Member States' unilateral measures R. Pavoni
Conclusions E. Morgera.