The Family in Early Modern England

The Family in Early Modern England

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Cambridge University Press, 2/17/2011
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This text was the first single volume in recent years to provide an overview and assessment of the most important research that has been published on the English family in the past three decades. Some of the most distinguished historians of family life, together with the next generation of historians working in the field, present previously unpublished archival research to shed light on family ideals and experiences in the early modern period. Contributions to this volume interrogate the definitions and meanings of the term 'family' in the past, showing how the family was a locus for power and authority, as well as personal or subjective identity, and exploring how expectations as well as realities of family behaviour could be shaped by ideas of childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. This pioneering collection of essays will appeal to scholars of early modern British history, social history, family history and gender studies.

Preface Helen Berry and Elizabeth Foyster
Anthony Fletcher R. I. Moore
1. Introduction Helen Berry and Elizabeth Foyster
2. Marriage, separation and the common law in England 1540–1640 Tim Stretton
3. Republican reformation
family, community and the state in interregnum Middlesex, 1649–60 Bernard Capp
4. Keeping it in the family
crime and the early modern household Garthine Walker
5. Faces in the crowd
gender and age in the early modern English crowd John Walter
6. 'Without the Cry of Any Neighbours'
a Cumbrian family and the Poor Law authorities, c.1690–1730 Steve Hindle
7. Childless men in early modern England Helen Berry and Elizabeth Foyster
8. Aristocratic women and the ideas of family in the early eighteenth century Ingrid Tague
9. Reassessing parenting in eighteenth-century England Joanne Bailey.