The Female Mind: User's Guide

The Female Mind: User's Guide

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Kathryn Abel
RCPsych Publications, 10/2/2017
EAN 9781909726802, ISBN10: 190972680X

Paperback, 266 pages, 21.6 x 13.7 x 1.5 cm
Language: English

This great book offers an up-to-date overview of how gender and sexuality affect mental health. It will help women to self-identify and self-manage the symptoms of mental ill health. The book covers a wide range of specific mental health disorders - many of which are more common in women - and includes real-life case studies, the latest treatments and where to find further help and support. It's written in an easy-to-read format to give an invaluable guide for women.

Foreword Claire Eastham
being female Kathryn M. Abel and Rosalind Ramsay
Part I. Women in Perspective
1. The history of the 'female mind' Lisa Conlan
2. Gender-informed responses to women's distress Jennie Williams and Gilli Watson
3. Female sexuality David T. Evans
4. Growing up female Margot Waddell
Part II. Women and Society
5. Poverty, exclusion, debt and women Jed Boardman
6. Arranged marriage Chetna Kang
7. Girls at risk Trish O'Donnell
8. Domestic abuse Roxane Agnew-Davies and Louise M. Howard
9. Women and the criminal justice system Annie Bartlett
Part III. Women and their Environment
10. Emotional well-being and staying well Kamaldeep Bhui and Zenobia Nadirshaw
11. Sensitive motherhood Helen Minnis and Philip Wilson
12. Religion and spirituality Julia Head
13. Linking physical and mental health in women Irene Cormac
14. Obesity John Morgan
15. Women and sleep Neil Stanley
16. Women and pain George Ikkos and Susan Lingwood
17. Bereavement, loss and grief Lynne M. Drummond
Part IV. Women and Specific Disorders
18. Depression and other mood disorders Paul Blenkiron
19. Anxiety disorders Lynne M. Drummond
20. Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder Nuri Gené-Cos
21. The dangers of rumination Raj Persaud
22. Obsessive-compulsive disorder Lynne M. Drummond
23. Eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder Sandeep Ranote, Andrea Phillipou, Susan Rossell and David Castle
24. Psychosexual disorders Jennifer Davies-Oliveira and Leila Frodsham
25. Personality disorders
risks and recovery Gwen Adshead
26. Self-harm Alys Cole-King and Sue Sibbald
27. Women and addiction Sally Marlow
28. Autism spectrum disorder Helen Pearce
29. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Gaelle Slater and Helen Crimlisk
30. Psychotic illness Alison R. Yung, Kathryn M. Abel and Sarah Cornick
31. Postnatal depression and postpartum psychosis Lucinda Green and Liz McDonald
32. Living longer
normal age-related changes, dementia and depression Nori Graham and Iracema Leroi
Part V. Women and Treatment
33. What women want from medication Ann Mortimer
34. What women want from services
a patient's perspective Sally Dean
35. Complementary and alternative therapies Ursula Werneke