The Good Lawyer: A Student Guide To Law And Ethics

The Good Lawyer: A Student Guide To Law And Ethics

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Adrian Evans
Cambridge University Press, 9/15/2014
EAN 9781107423435, ISBN10: 1107423430

Paperback, 250 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1.3 cm
Language: English

The Good Lawyer explores the ethical and professional challenges that confront people who work in the law - or are considering it - and offers principled and pragmatic advice about how to overcome such challenges. This book takes a holistic approach that begins with your innate humanity. It urges you to examine your motives for seeking a career in law, to foster a deep understanding of what it means to be 'good', and to draw on your virtue and judgement when difficult choices arise, rather than relying on compliance with rules or codes. The Good Lawyer analyses four important areas of legal ethics - truth and deception, professional secrets, conflicts of interest, and professional competence - and explains the choices that are available when determining a course of moral action. It links theory to practice, and includes many examples, diagrams and source documents to illustrate ethical concepts, scenarios and decision making.

1. Good legal education
2. The law practice landscape - choosing to be a 'good' lawyer in a good law firm
3. Values, ethics and virtue in lawyering
4. Connecting character to lawyers' roles
5. Truth and deception
6. Professional secrets
7. Conflicts of loyalty and interest
8. The morality of competence
9. Practical wisdom for lawyers.